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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Cybrid is a Top Zerohash Alternative & Competitor

If you need a Zerohash alternative, choose our comprehensive embedded API infrastructure that's perfect for businesses of all sizes. Enable payments use cases with our low cost, affordable pricing plans!

Our API-first technology and SDKs offer are the easiest, most cost-effective way to unlock ACH, wires, FBO accounts, and digital currencies like USDC.

zerohash alternative and competitor cybrid embedded payments infrastructure

A solution that scales with your payments needs, including crypto.

Embedded finance for B2C and B2B use cases

Collaborate seamlesly across devices from wherever you may be - whether you're in the office, on the go, or making last-minute changes before your next meeting.

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Cybrid platform

Trusted Leadership

The leadership teams at Cybrid and Zerohash share a common trait: a history of innovation and significant contributions to their respective industries.

At Zerohash, the leadership is spearheaded by Tom Sosnoff, a renowned figure in the financial services industry and podcaster. Sosnoff is known for his expertise in creating retail trading platforms, which is evident from his successful ventures. He co-founded Thinkorswim and tastytrade, and also founded Dough Inc., all of which have significantly influenced the trading platform landscape.

Similarly, the leadership at Cybrid has a strong background in innovating within the payments sector. Our team members have been instrumental in developing key infrastructure at notable organizations like Blackberry and Interac. Their contributions have not only been pivotal on a national level but have also made an impact on the international stage.

Both companies benefit from this wealth of experience, driving innovation in their respective fields – Cybrid in payments and Zerohash in trading platforms. This shared focus on industry-leading innovation and impact is what fundamentally aligns the leadership ethos of Cybrid and Zerohash.

Settlement Focused Missions

Both Zerohash and Cybrid have carved unique paths in the fintech industry, particularly in the realm of settlement services. Despite their different beginnings, both companies have converged on a similar mission, emphasizing the importance of efficient settlement processes in the evolving financial landscape.

Zerohash, a prominent name in the fintech world, especially in the realm of settlement services, wasn't always known by this name. Its journey began as SeedCX, a platform with a different focus and market positioning. The rebranding to Zerohash signified a deepened focus on providing settlement services, particularly in the realm of digital assets. By concentrating on settlement, Zerohash aimed to address a critical need in the market - ensuring efficient, secure, and reliable transaction processes for various digital assets.

On the other hand, Cybrid was founded with a clear mission to enhance the developer experience in building with financial and payment infrastructure. This focus is deeply embedded in the company's ethos, as evidenced by its robust offerings of APIs and SDKs. Cybrid’s approach to settlement is underpinned by its commitment to creating intuitive, accessible, and flexible tools for developers. This enables a wide range of financial applications to be built with ease. Cybrid's mission, therefore, extends beyond just providing settlement services for payments; it's about empowering developers to create innovative financial solutions.

Crypto Focused Services

Zerohash and Cybrid, both pioneers in the fintech space, have developed specialized features focused on the crypto market, particularly in streamlining the transition of USD to and from digital assets. These features reflect a deep understanding of the complexities involved in digital asset transactions and demonstrate each company's commitment to simplifying these processes for their customers.



Experience Turnkey Crypto

Cybrid provides more than just an API; we deliver a comprehensive suite of developer tools, complete with low-code UI SDKs for Web and Mobile. Our platform streamlines onboarding, money operations, banking, and all aspects of crypto, including fiat to crypto on-ramps, crypto to fiat off-ramps, ledgering, and custody.
Stay ahead in the embedded finance space without worrying about lengthy build times - get started with Cybrid and enjoy rapid development!

Regulatory Compliant &
Fintech Approved Infrastructure

Simplify your journey with us. At Cybrid, we handle the complex tasks of managing custody, liquidity, and settlement. By using our all-in-one crypto as a service platform, you can give your customers the freedom to trade crypto, move assets, and empower payments with crypto, like Bitcoin and USDC. 

We connect to multiple liquidity providers, through our Smart Order Router, to ensure best price execution. Trust Cybrid, and let us boost your crypto operations.


Cybrid vs Zero Hash

Why Choose Cybrid for Your Crypto Needs

Cybrid's crypto infrastructure is second to none. We leverage cutting-edge technology to provide a platform that is secure, reliable, and scalable - with pricing that any business can afford. Our advanced security measures ensure that your assets are safe, while our scalable infrastructure can handle the high-volume demands of global crypto trading.

In summary, while Zero Hash offers crypto infrastructure services, Cybrid stands out with its first technology advantage, innovative crypto products, global product reach, customized crypto program, and fiat FBO accounts for USD and CAD. When you choose Cybrid, you're choosing a partner committed to delivering the best possible crypto trading experience.

Cybrid has all the basics covered for embedded finance.

  • Onboarding. Cybrid can seamlessly onboard users, including full KYC and AML checks.

  • Liquidity. Cybrid works with a network of liquidity providers to offer seamless fiat-to-crypto.

  • Ledgering. Cybrid accounts are tracked through double ledger entries, with real-time balances.

  • Send. Cybrid supports 24/7/365 on-chain movements for the purpose of true asset liquidity.

  • Receive. Cybrid offers dedicated customer crypto addresses for ledgering and AML compliance.
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