Crypto Trading Platform Solutions

Create a crypto trading experience with Cybrid software that facilitates custody, trading, liquidity, cybersecurity and includes compliance tools.

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Crypto on and off-ramps

Ramps provide Crypto accessibility

To participate in crypto, investors first need to acquire it. We enable investors to easily move from fiat to cryptocurrency and back, through our ramping and trade solution.

Crypto accounting made simple

Working with Cybrid is as easy as fiat-in and fiat-out. Our software facilitates the custody of assets, trading crypto and associated ledger details.

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Identity made simple

We use best-in-class vendors to provide you with software that minimizes drop-out rates, detects fraud, and enables KYC & AML processes.



Trading made simple

Our software facilitates secure connectivity to users' financial accounts to fund their crypto trading.

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Crypto Trade

Market-ready cryptocurrency trading software

Easily embeddable crypto buy & sell software. Our software distills price feeds, orderbooks, quote windows, and other aspects into simplified APIs.

Ready-to-go low-code UI components

Our code is in public GitHub repositories allowing your engineers to use our SDK components, or use as necessary, to build your crypto platform.



Revenue made simple

Our platform allows you to participate in trade fees on every executed trade by setting your trade spread.



Custody made simple

Our regulated affiliate will take care of the custody on behalf of the end user, ensuring crypto is safely stored.


Need clarification?

What is the pricing?

We price like a SaaS company, with easy to understand pricing tiers. Book time to chat with our Sales team to learn more or check out our pricing & revenue calculator!

How does my company get started?

For engineering to start development, it's as simple as checking out the Developer Overview.

When you're ready to talk business, contact our Sales team to start!

What coins do you support?

We support Bitcoin, Ethereum and a variety of other cryptocurrencies we have approved through our liquidity providers.

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