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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Payment Orchestration Platform
for Embedded Finance

Expedited, Low Cost, Secure Money Transfer API

The embeddable orchestration engine consolidates payment operations into a single API & SDK platform. Integrate Cybrid for a seamless flow of funds using FBO accounts & multiple payment rails: ACH, Wire, RTP, BTC, USDC.

Payment API For A Variety Of Commerce

payments for individual use cases
Individuals (B2C & P2P)

Integrated identity SDK service to onboard users easily and in compliance with banking requirements. We will perform thorough KYC, AML, and enhanced due diligence checks. 

payments for business
Businesses (B2B)

Build payment use cases that include integrated Know-Your-Business (KYB) services that meet the policy and process requirements of financial institutions.

embedded payments

Embed our technology to natively offer payments in your company's suite of products. Learn how easy it is to simplify your flow of funds and overall payment operations.

Turnkey Infrastructure for USD and CAD Payments

An all-in-one platform for embedded financial API services that supports B2C and B2B use cases. We streamline payment infrastructure, saving you millions in development and maintenance.

Our payment platform integrates a KYC/KYB process with identity verification, account linking through Plaid, and multiple payment rails connected to FBO accounts.

Solve the complex regulatory & technical requirements of a crypto onramp and offramp

Speed up your journey into operating with digital currencies such as USDC and Bitcoin. Our best-in-class orchestration payment platform can help. It provides streamlined compliance and easy API/SDK integration. Our comprehensive solution enables a smooth transition into the world of embedded finance and payment processing.

  • Integrated KYC & KYB processes

  • Crypto-friendly banking relationships

  • USD and CAD money movement

  • Bitcoin and BTC Lightning liquidity

  • Multi-chain USD Coin (USDC) liquidity

  • MPC digital wallets with deposit & withdraw

  • BSA approved AML & ATF programs

  • Jurisdictional licenses & reporting

  • SOC audits & data privacy compliance

Account Services

Connect external bank accounts, via Plaid processor tokens or raw routing details with a microtransaction confirmation, to transact between one of several platform account types.

Empower your flow of funds with one of our most popular platform features, the For-Benefit-Of (FBO) virtual accounts.

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Account Linking

via Plaid & Raw Account Details

Virtual FBO Accounts

for USD & CAD

Routable Sub-Accounts

for Domestic Wires

Digital Wallets (MPC)

with Deposit and withdraw

Payment Rails

Send and receive payment transactions using one or more available methods to streamline your flow of funds.

Speed up your flow of funds with newer payment rail options like RTP and USDC.

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ACH Transfers

Same Day & Instant ACH

Domestic Wires

via Fedwire

Multi-chain USDC

for International Payments

Bitcoin (BTC)

support for Mainnet & Lightning

Real-Time Payments

RTP for Instant Payments

Learn about Payment Operations & Orchestration

Want additional information on how an orchestration engine simplifies end-to-end payments? At the Academy, learn how we perform the workflows of authenticating, validating, routing, and settling funds, while also coordinating data and decisioning between various vendors and reporting entities.