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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Meet to learn more about the platform for enterprise-grade payment use cases

Connect with our team and learn how Cybrid can help your business improve your flow of funds with embedded payments. 

What can businesses do with Cybrid?

  • Integrated KYB & KYC process 
  • Link to financial accounts via Plaid
  • Move money via ACH and other rails
  • Hold USD & CAD in virtual FBO accounts
  • Access USDC & BTC liquidity from multiple providers
  • Build with Web3 wallets for deposit and withdrawal.

Book a meeting time so we can learn about your flow of funds and answer any questions about the API and SDK platform.

Common Cybrid Questions

Here are some common questions often asked during the initial meeting.

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Is there a free trial available for Cybrid's platform?

Yes, we offer a developer sandbox where you can access and explore Cybrid's platform for free, along with a range of developer resources like API documentation, SDKs, and code samples.

The sandbox environment allows you to test our features and capabilities without any financial commitment, ensuring you're confident in your decision before integrating our platform into your business.

How does Cybrid's pricing structure work?
Cybrid uses an affordable monthly pricing model, which is designed to cater to businesses of various sizes and requirements. This approach ensures flexibility to scale your usage as your business grows.
Can Cybrid help with currency conversions, such as USDC to USD?
Yes, Cybrid's platform supports various currency conversions, including USDC to USD, providing a smooth and efficient experience for users.
How does Cybrid's platform support USDC use cases?
Cybrid's platform offers seamless integration with Circle USDC, enabling businesses to incorporate stablecoin transactions, payments, and other use cases into their applications and services.
What makes Cybrid stand out among embedded finance companies?
Cybrid differentiates itself by offering a comprehensive platform that combines embedded finance, crypto, FBO accounts, and seamless on- and off-ramp APIs with banking, making it a powerful solution for businesses looking to integrate financial services into their platforms.