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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Routable Sub-Accounts

The Cybrid payment orchestration engine, for embedded finance, offers FBO sub-accounts with unique routing information. These routable accounts are able to transact on the Fedwire network.

Transact using domestic wires through our effortless APIs and account structure.

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Cybrid meets all of your payments infrastructure needs.

Cybrid's orchestration engine includes For-Benefit-Of (FBO) accounts connected to popular payment rails. Through our RESTful API infrastructure, developers are able to access a wide variety of payment services.

The Cybrid API platform allows you to create FBO accounts and digital wallets, for users and businesses.
Payment Rails

In today's fragmented financial system, the ability to offer multiple payment methods, like ACH and wire, is critical to success.

Embedded Wire Payments API

Why use Routable Sub-Accounts?

Routable sub-accounts provide unique identifiers that allow segregated flow of funds. These accounts are often paired with Domestic Wires for automated processing and settlement of funds.