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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Virtual FBO Accounts

Cybrid integrates For Benefit Of (FBO) Accounts with functionality to ramp crypto.
A FBO account API solution to facilitate a secure payment experience using an integrated onramp and offramp infrastructure.
Transmit and store USD or CAD when transitioning between the connected Plaid account and payment destination.

FBO Account (2)

Strong Bank Partnerships
and Fiduciary Account Management

Our partnerships with trusted bank partners give us an advantage. These partnerships enable us to seamlessly allow companies to open an FBO Account, both USD and CAD, connected to our Smart Order Router.

Cybrid Embedded BaaS Platform 3

Due Diligence, Risk Management, and Regulatory Compliance

For USD and CAD Accounts

Trust our extensive due diligence procedures to safeguard your money services business, catering to both USD and CAD currencies. Our Fiat FBO Accounts use state-of-the-art risk management protocols. This safeguards your users' funds and sensitive data. It also ensures compliance with all relevant regulations.

We monitor and update our security measures regularly. This ensures we are ahead of potential threats. Our platform is designed to adapt to changing regulations. With Cybrid's virtual accounts, you can confidently operate your crypto platform, knowing that risk management and compliance are expertly handled.

cybrid ledgering and fbo account
usd cad fbo account