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Integrated KYC API & SDK

The Know Your Customer (KYC) Process is essential to participating in financial networks.
Cybrid enables identity verification through API, with easy to integrate UI SDKs.

Cybrid simplifies the KYC process

Avoid multiple vendor integrations by utilizing our embedded finance platform designed to streamline payments.

KYC Due Diligence

Enhancing the security of financial transactions, Cybrid has an integrated KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This integration provides a UI widget for identity verification, ensuring that every transaction is linked to a verified user.

AML & ATF Due Diligence

Our system employs automated checks, including sanctions screening and other measures, to ensure compliance and security. This approach guarantees that each transaction is thoroughly vetted for potential AML risks.

Additional Account Assessment

Tailored to meet specific jurisdictional requirements, this comprehensive evaluation captures account-related information such as income, net worth, investment experience, and perform a thorough risk check.

KYC Process

Reduce compliance overhead with state-of-the-art technology

At Cybrid, we understand the complexity and burden of regulatory compliance in the financial sector. To alleviate this for our customers, we've developed an advanced internal compliance program that aligns with the stringent standards of our sponsor banks. This program is rigorously audited on a regular basis, ensuring its effectiveness and alignment with current regulatory demands.
By leveraging our platform, customers benefit from reduced compliance overhead, as they tap into a system already equipped to meet high regulatory benchmarks.

Get started with our KYC API & SDK for payments use cases

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We'll cover the basics of Know Your Customer (KYC)