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Terms of Service

Last updated March 15, 2023

1. Testing The Cybrid Platform

By entering into this agreement with Cybrid Technology Inc. (“Cybrid”) you warrant that you intend to use the Cybrid platform to evaluate whether the platform may be suitable for your business use. 

You may access the Cybrid platform, available at, for testing purposes, without any charge or fee of any kind. This agreement does not entitle you to access the Cybrid platform that is offered commercially (the “production” environment). All references to “you” or “your” in this agreement are to the business that you represent. Individuals are not permitted to enter into this agreement in their personal capacity.

2. No Production Access

You may only use the Cybrid platform in the sandbox environment, for testing purposes. You will not be permitted to access the platform for any purpose that involves transactions that have value. The access granted under this agreement may be revoked at any time by Cybrid, without notice. APIs provided to you in a test capacity may not conform to the exact specifications of the production environment. You are not permitted to use the Cybrid platform in any way that could cause you to suffer damages, loss, or any other financial consequence, even if technical safeguards fail to stop you from taking an action that should not be permitted in the testing environment.

3. Your Test Data

Data that you upload to the Cybrid platform may be deleted or lost if it pertains to testing or sandbox access. You must not upload any production data or data that you do not have backup copies of, as this agreement only entitles you to access the Cybrid platform in a test capacity, for which there are no guarantees of data integrity.

4. No Interference

You agree that you will not attempt to tamper with the Cybrid platform, make requests far in excess of reasonable requirements for testing, or take other steps that may degrade the quality of service for other users who wish to make use of the Cybrid platform in a test capacity. 

5. No Warranty

Your access of the Cybrid platform is on an “as-is” basis, without warranty of any kind as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any other warranty whether implied, express, or statutory. API access provided to you in a test capacity may not always be available, and it may not function correctly (i.e. in accordance with the production environment specifications).

6. Limitation Of Liability

The liability of Cybrid shall be strictly limited to $50, under any theory of law or cause of action. 

7. Choice Of Forum & Governing Law

Any disputes related to this agreement shall be heard in the courts of the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the laws of the Province of Ontario shall apply to any such dispute.

8. Entire Agreement

This is the entire agreement with respect to testing the Cybrid platform, sandbox access to the Cybrid platform, and any other matter relating to your access of the Cybrid platform (unless you have entered into a commercial agreement with Cybrid, in which case that agreement shall have priority over this one in the event of a conflict). You agree that you have not relied on any representations outside of this agreement, and that only the terms of this agreement shall apply to your access of the Cybrid platform with respect to testing.