Embedded Finance for Building Crypto Products 

Infrastructure solutions for KYC onboarding, on/off ramp, ledgering, cash accounts, crypto trade and crypto custody in a compliant way.
Embedded Finance Solution
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Our platform provides everything you need to compliantly onboard users, provide ongoing monitoring, and operate your crypto back-office.



Leverage our KYC API to compliantly onboard users via KYC/KYB, and perform enhanced due diligence and AML checks.



Enable basic cash accounts with money movement for end-customers, and connect their bank accounts via Plaid.



From handling double-entry accounting via our Virtual Ledger, to moving money via ACH/EFT or Wires, we handle it all.

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We enable fiat onramp to cryptocurrency via our liquidity providers, and securely custody crypto, including BTC and a USDC wallet.



Cybrid handles compliance with regulators, ongoing monitoring, and reporting requirements.

Get to market faster.

Jump-start the development of your Crypto product. Get started with our Embedded solution instead of building your own crypto back-office.

  • Selecting numerous vendors to handle KYC/KYB and AML, connecting to bank accounts, funding cash accounts, and performing double-entry book-keeping is a long and expensive journey. Get it all with Cybrid.

  • The complexity and potential risk of building your own Fintech stack to seamlessly integrate all the vendors you need is tough, not to mention running it. Let Cybrid handle operations.

  • Trying to add crypto is not just expensive, but riddled with regulatory hurdles, and laywers. Lots of lawyers. Cybrid's done all the heavy lifting for you.

Launch your next Crypto product fast

Don't start from scratch! Use our modern Fintech infrastructure to save on development, legal, and operational costs, and outsource the headaches.

There is no integration fee so it's easy to get started! Just
follow the roadmap below:


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In addition to the guides, we have thorough documentation and a public Github, which includes the RESTful API, API clients in 7 languages, and UI SDK component libraries to bootstrap your project.

Move to production 

Once your development project is ready and your Cybrid account is created, and your solution is reviewed, we'll issue your production keys.

  Launch your next product

Save on vendor complexity, development budget, and integration complexity while using your capital to help your business thrive.

Some of the reasons why developers   working with Cybrid  


Avinash & Lee chat Crypto

We put on a LinkedIn webinar hosted by our CEO & Head of Product to discuss the crypto market, and what's available for Fintechs looking to explore the space. Incase you missed it - now available!

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