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Embedded Finance Infrastructure

Infrastructure for businesses and financial institutions of all sizes - from startups to large enterprise - use Cybrid's APIs and SDKs as a gateway for embedded payments. Integrate turnkey fintech & crypto infrastructure.

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banking as a service

Fintech as a Service

Link financial accounts. Transmit money using ACH/EFT/RTP/Wire. Hold funds on platform in virtual FBO cash accounts, naming the end-user as beneficiary.
fiat on ramp and crypto off ramp

Onramps and Offramps

Convert between fiat and crypto assets effortlessly through our smart order matching engine. Transition to and from USDC, BTC, ETH, and many others.

crypto infrastructure

Crypto as a Service

Integrate comprehensive crypto services to streamline digital asset management and secure transactions for UTXO and Account Based chains.

Turnkey Fintech & Crypto Payments for Business

Avoid investing millions of dollars in building and maintaining payment infrastructure. Benefit from our fast, reliable, and secure platform of building blocks.

Reduce your development process timeline. It is specifically designed to scale with the growth of your business and the evolving needs of your business and customers. Cybrid provides an efficient and cost-effective solution.


Cybrid's Embedded Finance
All-In-One Platform

Everything you need for next-gen payment processing
Quickly and efficiently build the materials you need to support your
inbound marketing strategy. Drag and drop building blocks including
testimonials, forms, calls-to-action, and more.
KYC Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Use our API with integrated identity services to onboard users easily and in compliance. We will perform thorough KYC, AML, and enhanced due diligence checks. 

FBO Account

Banking Relationships

Enable FBO cash accounts with money movement for end-customers, and connect their accounts via Plaid. For-Benefit Of (FBO) accounts reduce risk.

Crypto Service

Back-Office Operations

We expertly manage double-entry accounting with our Virtual Ledger. Also, we make money transfers easy with ACH/EFT or Wire. Creating a full ledgered flow of funds.

Crypto as a Service

Crypto as a Service

Effortlessly leverage the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with our comprehensive Crypto as a Service platform. We manage all technical aspects, from secure storage to transactions. This allows you to focus on building innovative applications.

Crypto Compliance

Compliance Program

Simplify regulatory compliance for financial products. Cybrid handles monitoring, licenses, and reporting requirements. This makes it easier for your business to operate with multiple payment methods for products and services.

Crypto APIs and SDKs

APIs and SDKs

Effortlessly streamline your development cycle with our robust SDKs and APIs tailored for seamless integration. Our comprehensive toolkit simplifies the implementation of powerful features, enabling developers to create versatile and efficient applications.

We solve the complex regulatory & technical requirements of crypto.

We make North American payments easy.

Speed up your journey into operating with digital currencies such as USDC. Our best-in-class platform of embedded services can help. It provides streamlined compliance and easy API/SDK integration. Our comprehensive solution enables a smooth transition into the world of embedded finance and payment processing.

  • Necessary Licenses

  • KYC / AML Processes

  • Data Privacy Compliance

  • Risk Management Protocols

  • Regulatory-adherent Reporting

The easiest way to embed crypto payments

Embrace the digital era by incorporating crypto payments and services into your business. Cybrid streamlines crypto friendly partnerships, technical integration, and regulatory complexities, enabling you to launch your initiatives quickly and efficiently.

By leveraging Cybrid's solutions, you'll be well-positioned to seize the opportunities that cryptocurrency presents.
Transform your business and impress customers with innovative crypto-driven features.


API Client Languages


Platforms (Web, iOS, Android)

embedded finance for financial institutions

With $0 integration, start today!

Experience the advantages of the embedded finance market through three straightforward steps. Develop distinctive fintech and crypto based financial payment products by utilizing our collection of APIs and UI component SDKs.

Our platform is comprehensive and best-in-class. You can start building with it in just a few minutes. Launch your project within weeks and enter the digital currency world quickly.

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Don't miss this opportunity to connect directly with our expert team, including Sales, Product, and even our CEO. We can gain valuable insights by talking about our company's vision and products. We can also explore how we can customize our solutions to suit your specific requirements. Book your personalized session now and unlock the potential for collaboration and growth.

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Access the FREE Sandbox

Dive into our dynamic, risk-free environment designed to spark your creativity and innovation. Experience firsthand the power and flexibility of our platform with zero commitments. Access the Free Sandbox today and discover the limitless possibilities our solutions can bring to your projects.

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Go to Production

We meet with our team for a technical review. We make sure all aspects of your project are optimized for success. We perform a thorough Know Your Business (KYB) assessment, guaranteeing the utmost security and compliance.

Once completed, we provide you with production API keys, empowering you to launch your project with confidence. Trust our seamless process, designed to support you and your vision every step of the way.

3-Step Guide to the Embedded Finance Market

Unlock the potential of simplified fintech, and crypto payments!