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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Embed Domestic Wires
Functionality Into Your App

Easily enable quick, safe and reliable domestic U.S. money transfers, via wire, using Cybrid's Embedded Payments Orchestration Engine.
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Transfer through Fedwire

Transactions submitted to the Cybrid platform are typically broadcast to the Fedwire network within minutes to hours. Settlement of funds is immediate, final, and irrevocable.

Amplify existing payment rails

The Cybrid payment orchestration engine enables API calls for wire transfer functionality, in addition to several other popular payment rails.

Increase transaction limits

Our Wire API allows for transaction sizes of larger values when compared to other payment rails, like ACH, within our embedded payment orchestration platform

Embed Wire Payments For B2C and B2B

Cybrid's Wire API is built and structured to be used by a variety of payments use cases. Wires are often utilized for small volume, large value payments with a need for immediate settlement.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer is a method of electronic funds transfer from one entity to another.

Send and Receive Wires

With the Cybrid API platform, you both send and receive domestic wires with automatic settlement.

via Routable Accounts

Wire funds to and from virtual For-Benefit-Of (FBO) sub-accounts with unique identifiers to interact on the financial network.

Using Unique Identifiers

Programmatically initiate and settle wire transfers through unique identifiers attached to each virtual sub-account.

Transfer Funds Immediately

The Cybrid Payment Orchestration Engine makes initiating and tracking large fund transfers convenient and easy via API. 

Full Data Transparency

We expose the details you need to reconcile and have full visibility of the large value deposits and transfers.

One of the many rails

When you integrate the Cybrid platform, you are able to utilize a variety of payment rails to the same account.

Cybrid orchestrates across a variety of payment rails.

All of our services are available via API for developers.

Cybrid Embedded Finance Payment Orchestration Engine

Learn | Wire Transfers

Interested in embedding wire payments into your application, but want to learn more about the wire payment rail? Be sure to head to our Learn Academy to read up on a wide variety of payment related topics.