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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Multi-Asset Onramp/Offramp
Smart Order Router

Seamlessly connect to multiple liquidity providers through our software platform and benefit from the best prices available with a single API call.
Onramp to digital currencies, like Bitcoin & USDC, and Offramp to fiat-currencies, like USD & CAD.

Empower Your Crypto Onramps and Offramps with Cybrid's Smart Order Router

Seamlessly facilitate crypto transactions for your users by integrating our advanced Smart Order Router into your platform. Our cutting-edge technology simplifies both crypto onramps and offramps, enabling businesses to quickly and securely deposit, trade, and withdraw their digital assets.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of the Cybrid platform, as our advanced order routing system powers your crypto operations, ensuring smooth and seamless transactions. Embrace the future of digital finance and elevate your platform's capabilities!

Assets available through the Optimized Trade Routing System will be dependent on the jurisdiction the services are being offered.

Eg: For the United States, BTC and USDC is available.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

  • USD Coin (USDC)

Multiple Liquidity Providers, Best Price, One API Call.

A Dynamic Order Routing System

Our turnkey crypto as a service solution connects you to multiple liquidity providers,
ensuring the best prices and optimized execution. 

cybrid smart order router for usdc btc

Multiple Sources

Connecting diverse liquidity providers for optimal pricing and seamless execution in your crypto transactions.

Broad Coverage

A wide array of blockchain networks ensuring a versatile trading experience for USDC!

Flexible & Easy

Cost-effective solutions through and readily available APIs and SDKs simplify your crypto experience.

SDK for Crypto onramp and offramp

Build your crypto project with confidence using our APIs and SDKs.

Our automated order execution engine provides a solid foundation for businesses and developers. Our extensive documentation, developer-friendly design, and dedicated support ensure you can seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge crypto solutions into your projects.

Join the growing community of businesses and developers who trust our advanced order routing system to elevate their ventures. Experience unparalleled efficiency and turn your innovative ideas into reality.

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