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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Access market makers
& liquidity providers

Institutional client, crypto exchange, Dapp, or FinTech service?
You most likely need access to companies that act as wholesalers.

Our Crypto as a Service API platform streamlines technical integration to liquidity providers and market makers.

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Enabling market efficiencies

For companies that are embracing cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, it's important to connect with services that provide reliant infrastructure.

Our Crypto as a Service API platform connects to the world's largest liquidity providers and market makers to streamline the technical integration and aggregate feeds to provide the best market pricing available.

Multiple feeds with one API

We've gone ahead and done the heavy lifting of integrating the largest liquidity providers and market makers into our API platform.

Our smart order routing provides the optimal market price with one API call and quoting system.

Need to route your orders to a specific provider? Not a problem, meet with our Sales team to begin discussing your needs.

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Recorded & verified on the blockchain

All settlement transactions between the providers are performed on-chain, across many supported networks, at a scheduled interval.
The on-chain gas fees associated with the transactions can become costly, eating away at your revenue. Avoid the issue by choosing Cybrid as your crypto service infrastructure provider.