Infrastructure for Fintechs

Accelerate your fintech's journey with better APIs and tooling.


Every Fintech needs to build or assemble a similar set of services.

Cybrid helps accelerate their journey by offering unified Fintech APIs and pre-built SDKs that have already integrated key functionality. Plus, we've built out accompanying compliance programs to help you handle regulatory hurdles.

Compliant Customer Onboarding

Easily onboard customers with our APIs or UI-based SDK components, including:

  • Know-your-customer (KYC) data collection and identity verification
  • Know-your-business (KYB) data collection and business verification
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) onboarding and continuous verification
  • Enhanced due diligence, with Investor Fitness and Account Appropriateness questionnaires
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Banking and Account Access

Enable banking for your customers, and get ready for money movement, including:

  • Providing basic cash accounts for your customers with full ledgering and money movement
  • Connecting to external bank accounts for cash account funding, enabled via Plaid

Financial Back-Office Operations

Smoothly run customer finances in your Fintech via our API platform, including:

  • An independent General Ledger to track debits and credits of customers funds, with full double-entry bookkeeping
  • Moving money via ACH/EFT or wires to or from external bank accounts and cash accounts managed by Cybrid

Compliance as a Service

Outsource compliance for North American customers in the US or Canada, including:

  • Ongoing KYC checks
  • AML Monitoring Reporting
  • FINTRAC and FinCEN Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)

Crypto Trading and Custody

Open up access to the new digital currency economy with Cybrid's crypto infrastructure, including:

  • Crypto on and off ramp, enabling conversion between fiat and crypto
  • Enable trading to over 40 different cryptocurrencies
  • Secure custody of cryptocurrency, including hot wallets and cold wallets via qualified custodian partners
  • Crypto accounts for stablecoins, such as a USDC wallet
  • DeFi access including integration with Compound
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We help Fintechs accelerate their journey by providing APIs and SDKs that easily plug into their core infrastructure.


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Need clarification?

What kind of fintech is this for?

The Cybrid platform can help Fintechs at a variety of different stages:

  • Seed stage fintechs and startups that are just beginning their journey, and need to accelerate their path to market
  • Growing fintechs who are looking to expand their portfolio into digital currencies, by offering basic crypto trade and crypto accounts
  • Mature fintechs that may have created in-house solutions already, but are now looking to optimize technology and partnerships while reducing costs and driving for profitability

Is your solution easy to integrate?

Our software is uniquely composable, allowing a variety of embedding techniques which fit perfectly in your existing application architecture. We pride ourselves on best-in-class developer tooling to make embedding easy.

Is it safe to get into crypto?

Cryptocurrency has had its ups and downs, but there is now more regulation than ever. This helps to remove a lot of the ambiguity of working with crypto. Cybrid and it's affiliated regulatory partners can help make it safe to explore crypto as a part of your portfolio.

What countries do you support?

Cybrid primarily works with web2 and web3 fintechs located in Canada or the United States. We're always expanding our geographic support, so talk with our sales team to see if we can support you in a different part of the world.

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