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FAQ: Embedded Finance

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How does Cybrid's platform handle KYC Identity Verification?

Cybrid's platform integrates robust a robust KYC Identity Verification to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions. Our comprehensive approach streamlines customer and business onboarding while minimizing risk and ensuring a secure environment for your fintech operations.

Can Cybrid's API be integrated with any business platform?

Yes, Cybrid's API is designed to be highly versatile and can be integrated with various business platforms, regardless of their size or industry.

This flexibility allows businesses to leverage Cybrid's embedded finance solutions and enhance their financial capabilities with ease.

How does Cybrid's API help with cross-border payments?

Cybrid's advanced API simplifies cross-border payments by enabling businesses to conduct transactions using virtual currencies like Circle USDC.

It provides a frictionless onramp and offramp for these currencies, ensuring secure and rapid transactions, which significantly reduces processing time and costs associated with traditional cross-border payments.

How does Cybrid's API connect FBO bank accounts to on-off ramps for seamless transactions?

Cybrid's API integrates FBO bank accounts with on-off ramps, providing a secure and streamlined solution for businesses to manage both fiat and virtual currency transactions. By linking these accounts to on-off ramps, Cybrid enables seamless conversion between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies, allowing businesses to accept and process various payment methods with ease.

This integration not only simplifies the transaction process but also ensures regulatory compliance and reduces the risk of fraud. With Cybrid's API, businesses can effortlessly manage their FBO bank accounts and on-off ramps, leading to a more efficient and secure financial ecosystem.

How can Cybrid's API help businesses accept and manage cryptocurrency payments?

By integrating Cybrid's API, businesses can easily accept and manage cryptocurrency payments alongside traditional payment methods.

The API facilitates seamless transaction processing, real-time conversion rates via our smart order router, and ensures regulatory compliance, providing a secure and efficient way for businesses to tap into the growing cryptocurrency market.

What is Crypto as a Service?

Crypto as a Service (CaaS) is a business model that offers cryptocurrency-related services and solutions to clients through cloud-based platforms. This approach allows organizations to access and utilize various crypto functionalities, such as wallet management, transaction processing, cryptocurrency trading, and blockchain integration, without the need to develop and maintain their own in-house infrastructure.

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