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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning


Bringing secure, fast, and reliable remittance capabilities, via OpenAPI and SDKs, to businesses needing infrastructure in the United States & Canada. 

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Why Integrate Cybrid.

The Cybrid platform offers a comprehensive, turnkey solution for businesses looking to simplify their crypto and fiat development process.

We strive to seamlessly bridge daily fiat-based transactions with the dynamic digital realm of stablecoins, ensuring each interaction is secure and compliant.

Leveraging our vast expertise in banking and payments, we've crafted an API platform that allows Fintech founders to easily architect and introduce products, powered by Cybrid's robust framework.

  • Account connection & ledgering

  • KYC, KYB & AML compliance

  • CAD & USD money transmission

  • Crypto liquidity & quote aggregation

  • Custodial crypto wallets

APIs and SDKs with a FREE sandbox.

Identity made simple

We collaborate with top-tier vendors to deliver minimal drop-out rates, detect potential fraud, and streamlines KYC & AML processes. Our solutions ensure a seamless user experience while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.

Bitcoin and USDC made simple

Our platform revolutionizes the trading experience by leveraging our Smart Order Router to simplify the quote, trade, and settlement process. Easily connect your application via our Web and Mobile SDK components.

Banking made simple

Avoid the need to integrate multiple vendors. Users can effortlessly fund their accounts, convert fiat to crypto, and withdraw their earnings. Money transmission via Instant ACH, EFT, RTP, and Wire.

Custodial wallet made simple

With industry-leading security measures, you can trust Multi-party Computation (MPC) walletsto store crypto assets while still enjoying easy access when needed. Easily embed functionality via our UI SDKs.

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Build Your Own Remittance App

Use the components you need to build what you want

Common Questions:

What does remittance infrastructure mean in the context of embedded finance?

Remittance infrastructure refers to the integrated financial systems and technologies that enable the secure and efficient movement of money across borders.

Within the realm of embedded finance, this infrastructure is seamlessly incorporated into various platforms, enhancing user experiences by connecting fiat-based transactions with the dynamic world of digital assets, such as stablecoins.

How does Cybrid enhance the traditional remittance process?

Cybrid leverages its cutting-edge API platform and vast experience in the banking and payments industry to revolutionize the remittance process.

Our platform ensures swift money movement, supports USD and CAD FBO accounts at sponsor banks, and provides an end-to-end payment infrastructure.

Why is an integrated KYC process important in remittance infrastructure?

The integrated KYC (Know Your Customer) process is pivotal in ensuring compliance with traditional finance regulatory norms and in preventing illicit financial activities. Cybrid's platform comes with an in-built KYC process that guarantees that every user and transaction adheres to international standards, thereby safeguarding businesses and individuals alike.

How does Cybrid's remittance infrastructure support businesses in expanding their global footprint?
Cybrid's infrastructure facilitates an improved flow of funds, ensuring businesses can cater to end-users in the US and Canada. The platform's capability to support various fiat currencies and its association with a wide network of liquidity providers empowers businesses to operate seamlessly across borders, thereby expanding their global reach.
Can businesses integrate Cybrid's remittance infrastructure into existing platforms?

Absolutely. Cybrid's API platform is designed to be easily integrated into existing platforms, allowing businesses to enhance their offerings without overhauling their current systems. Our platform ensures seamless transactions, robust security, and adherence to regulatory norms, thus promising both enhanced user experience and operational efficiency.

Why should businesses choose Cybrid over traditional remittance service providers?

Cybrid's emphasis on regulatory compliance, its commitment to bridging fiat transactions with the digital world, and its vast experience in the banking and payments arena make it a preferred choice. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art API platform ensures easy integration, providing businesses with the agility they need in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape.

What currencies does your remittance platform support?

We have licenses and banking relationships for USD and CAD FBO accounts. Using our Smart Order Router access Bitcoin (including Lightning) and USDC (on multiple chains).

Additionally, we collaborate with a network of liquidity providers who offer other fiat pairings.

The Remittance Platform Built For Developers



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