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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Integrate crypto infrastructure using your preferred programming language

Our RESTful API and UI SDK components provide KYC, FBO accounts, crypto trade & custody.


cybrid ui sdk


KYC Onboarding

Seamlessly add new clients through a structured KYC process, with minimal drop-out rates. If you're looking to ramp crypto assets as a part of your roadmap, our integrated KYC flow meets stringent bank requirements.

Account Connectivity

Securely connect to end user funding accounts in the United States and Canada.

Money Transmission

The Cybrid platform is capable of RTP, ACH, EFT and Wire for moving money to and from the funding accounts and platform.

Smart Order Router

The Cybrid platform utilizes a Smart Order Router to connect to multiple liquidity providers for best price quote and trade execution, including OTC transactions.

On- and Offramp

Effortlessly swap between USD & CAD and crypto assets based on jurisdiction availability.

Strategy Kit
API & SDK tooling built for business

Empower your use case today with our Embedded Finance platform.