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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Business to Business (B2B) Payments

Our Embedded Finance API platform is the choice of startups and industry leaders, managing hundreds of millions in annual payment volume, a testament to our pricing, capability and trustworthiness.

We specialize in helping companies not just keep pace, but lead in their respective markets by simplifying global expansion, optimizing payment infrastructures, and introducing new business models and revenue streams with ease.

business to business payments API
Cybrid B2B Payments Embedded Finance API Infrastructure
The Problem

Business-to-business payments often encounter high costs and complexity, especially when integrating Know Your Business (KYB) processes with crypto-friendly banking systems.

While direct bank transfers, like ACH and RTP, offer a cost-effective alternative to credit card transactions, the integration of comprehensive KYB protocols and establishing banking relationships presents a significant operational challenge - especially when dealing with cryptocurrencies like USD Coin (USDC).

The Solution

Cybrid revolutionizes B2B payments with its all-in-one embedded finance platform, seamlessly integrating essential services and vendors into a single, comprehensive API.

Our platform streamlines the flow of funds, incorporates rigorous security and compliance measures, and simplifies the transaction process. By efficiently combining KYB protocols and crypto-friendly banking solutions, including support for cryptocurrencies like USD Coin (USDC), Cybrid offers a seamless, cost-effective, and secure payment experience. Cybrid's turnkey payments API and SDK platform makes B2B transactions more efficient and accessible.

How It Works

Integrate with Cybrid

You can utilize our OpenAPI endpoints and API clients, along with UI SDK components for turnkey payments infrastructure.

Get developing today by using our FREE API sandbox.

Payment API and SDKs

Customize for use case

We've built UI components and customizable modules to provide basic functionality across the entire flow of funds, which is provided to you through public code repositories.

Cut down your development time and costs.

UI SDK components

Streamline your flow of funds

Meet with our team of finance, payments, and crypto experts to discuss how we can streamline your flow of funds. The onboarding process for Cybrid is simple to follow and can be completed at your own desired pace.

Complete your KYB before technical review to avoid hiccups.

kyb approved
Interested in learning more?

We'll cover the basic of Embedded Finance B2B payment infrastructure.