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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Transfer money using an ACH API

Instant ACH & Same-day ACH services via API, with available UI SDK components.
Easily enable fast U.S. money transfers with built-in state-of-the-art risk management services.

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Cybrid simplifies ACH Payments

Avoid multiple vendor integrations by utilizing our embedded finance platform designed to streamline payments.

Integrated KYC Process

Enhancing the security of financial transactions, Cybrid has an integrated KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This integration provides a UI widget for identity verification, ensuring that every transaction is linked to a verified user.

Plaid Bank Verification

Connect to the identity-verified accounts involved in each transaction. This integration ensures that the sending and receiving accounts are not only accurately verified but also securely linked to the respective user identities.

ACH Fraud Prevention

We employ cutting-edge security measures to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring the integrity of every ACH transfer. Our platform continuously monitors for unusual patterns & money laundering.

Functionality for Instant ACH & Same-day ACH transfers.

Our advanced ACH API ensures that businesses can effortlessly manage money movement with the speed they require. Whether it's immediate transaction processing with Instant ACH or ensuring day-to-day efficiency with Same-day ACH, Cybrid’s platform provides a versatile and secure solution for all your money movement needs.
Experience the perfect blend of speed, reliability, and convenience, designed to keep your business ahead in the financial game.
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Cybrid makes ACH transfers simple, cost effective, and fast!

Our platform has an integrated KYC & funding process, which includes connecting to accounts using Plaid Auth and Balance. We ensure KYC and the funding account Personal Identifiable Information (PII) matches before initiating an ACH transfer. This is just one of many automated fraud mitigation tools within the Cybrid platform.

Get started with our ACH API for payments use cases

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We'll cover the basics of ACH transfers