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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

Fiat to Crypto
Onramp Infrastructure
Made Easy

Cybrid is the preferred API on-ramp solution for when you need to access the world of crypto with USD and CAD.
Connect bank accounts, wire & ACH transfer into a FBO bank account, onramp crypto via our Smart Order Router into MPC wallets.
Turnkey crypto for businesses and developers!

Optimize user experience with an embedded crypto onramp

Identity verification, KYC, bank account connection, money movement, approved bank relationships, crypto liquidity providers, digital wallets, licensing, and compliance. All available with one integration!
The Cybrid platform offers a fiat to crypto onramp for developers via API. Our OpenAPI 3.0 specification infrastructure is designed with the highest levels of security measures in mind. We also offer API clients in popular programming languages and a UI component SDK to help bootstrap your applications user experience.

An onramp API connected to
the traditional financial system of the United States and Canada

Our platform is tailored for B2B2B and B2B2C payment options. It allows businesses to quickly and securely access digital currency services with embedded systems that save development and operational costs.
We've done the heavy lifting of bringing together banking relationships, AML & ATF compliance programs, and the many required technology vendors to connect the traditional finance system to blockchain payment solutions, like USDC.

Built for Developers

Optimize the onramp flow of funds experience by integrating payments rails of the traditional financial system.

onramp usdc

FAQ: Crypto Onramp

Learn about Cybrid's identity verification, banking, and crypto infrastructure used to replace traditional fiat payment solutions.

What is included with crypto onramping at Cybrid?

Crypto onramping is the process of helping businesses integrate the traditional financial system into blockchain based ones. This process involves converting traditional fiat currency into digital assets. We have a Smart Order Router and partnerships with reliable liquidity providers. This makes it easier for your platform's users to exchange fiat money for digital currency.

Why should my business use Cybrid's crypto onramp services?

Cybrid's crypto onramp services can add value to your platform regardless of use case. Perhaps your customers need a seamless way to buy cryptocurrencies or payments system. Our onramp solution enables users to easily convert traditional money into digital assets. This applies to peer-to-peer marketplaces, NFT trading dApps, and other decentralized applications.

Our unique FBO cash accounts + digital wallet infrastructure is one of our many unique value propositions.

Which fiat currencies can be onramped with Cybrid?

Cybrid offers a comprehensive range of fiat currencies. This makes it easier for businesses to meet the needs of their customers, regardless of their financial background. To see the latest list of supported currencies, please contact us or consult our API endpoint.

How does Cybrid maintain transaction safety during the onramping process?

Transaction safety is a high priority at Cybrid. We take strong action to prevent money laundering. This includes an extensive "Know Your Customer" process. This helps reduce the risk of illegal activities.

Our platform continuously monitors transactions to ensure a secure and reliable trading environment. Depending on the originating and receiving locations, transactions follow all applicable laws and regulations.

For North America, being registered Money Services Businesses this includes reporting to the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) and the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)

Do Cybrid's onramp services allow customers to link their bank accounts?

Yes, Cybrid's onramp services emphasize user-friendliness. We help businesses provide their customers with the choice to link their bank accounts via Plaid. This makes exchanging fiat money for digital assets easier.

How does Cybrid protect my customers' fiat money during onramping?
Cybrid's onramp services include a secure custodial system, safeguarding your customers' fiat money as they enter the digital asset landscape. Our team has expertise in national infrastructure. This experience supports Cybrid's promise to keep your customers' assets secure during the onboarding process.
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