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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

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Crypto Off Ramp

The developer preferred offramp. Everything you need for a turnkey crypto to fiat experience.
After conversion, funds are held in FBO accounts for a seamless flow of funds.
Converting crypto to fiat has never been easier.

FAQ: Crypto Offramp

Discover how we empower businesses to provide seamless crypto-to-fiat conversions, ensuring end-user convenience and top-tier security.

What does Cybrid mean by crypto offramping?

At Cybrid, we help businesses integrate crypto offramping, which is the process of converting digital assets back into fiat currency. By integrating with trusted liquidity providers through our Smart Order Router, your business can enable end-users to effortlessly trade their digital currency for traditional fiat money into their connected bank accounts.

How can Cybrid's crypto offramp services benefit my business?
Implementing Cybrid's crypto as a service offramp can empower your business to provide additional value to your customers. Whether your platform involves payments, NFT marketplaces, or decentralized applications, our offramp solution allows your users to convert their crypto earnings into spendable fiat currency seamlessly.
What digital currencies can businesses offramp with Cybrid?

Please contact us or check our API endpoint for the latest listing. The availability of assets is dependent on the jurisdiction you are looking to operate in. For instance, in the United States, we support USDC and Bitcoin.

How does Cybrid ensure the security of my customers' transactions?
Cybrid is committed to maintaining a secure environment for all transactions. We have stringent anti money laundering (AML) measures in place to prevent potential illicit activities. Our platform provides a robust KYC process to verify the identity of end-users, and we continuously monitor transactions to ensure a secure trading experience for your customers.
Can my customers link their bank account through Cybrid's offramp services?

Absolutely! Cybrid's offramp services are designed with convenience in mind. We enable businesses to provide their customers the ability to link their bank account for easy conversion of their digital assets into fiat currency.

How does Cybrid protect my customers' digital currency during the offramping process?
With Cybrid's services, we offer the use of a secure custodial wallet system. This ensures the safety of your customers' digital assets during the offramping process. Our team has experience building national infrastructure, so trust in Cybrid to keep your customers' digital assets safe and secure throughout the entire offramping process.
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We'll cover the basics of crypto offramp infrastructure