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What is a crypto offramp?

Crypto offramp infrastructure provides the systems and services that enable the smooth and secure transition of cryptocurrencies (eg. USDC) into fiat currencies (eg. USD).

What is a crypto offramp?

A crypto offramp is a pivotal service in the digital currency ecosystem, enabling users to convert their cryptocurrencies back into fiat currency. It complements the onramp process by closing the loop, allowing a seamless transition from digital to traditional currency, ensuring users have complete flexibility in managing their financial assets.

What are the fees for offramping?

Our offramping service has a transparent platform fee structure with competitive per trade bps rates. We impose very low minimum limits to allow for trades and payments of any size. These fees and limits are regularly reviewed and adjusted to reflect market conditions and user feedback.

Is KYC required for offramping?

In line with regulatory requirements and to ensure the security of transactions, our platform mandates a Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This procedure involves identity verification to prevent fraud and maintain the integrity of our service.

How long does the offramp process take?

The duration for offramping can vary based on several factors, including the cryptocurrency involved and bank processing times. Settlement is performed daily with our multiple liquidity providers and bank transfers can be settled within hours or a couple of days.

We do have platform features that businesses can enable to expedite the offramp process for users - make sure to book time with our sales team to learn more!

Can I offramp to any bank account?

Our platform leverages Plaid, a renowned financial services company, to facilitate seamless connections to users' bank accounts. This integration allows for a secure and efficient link between cryptocurrency and traditional bank accounts. With Plaid, users can effortlessly connect their accounts from a wide range of banks, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Once connected, users can offramp their cryptocurrency funds using various methods like Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, wire transfers, and other methods. ACH transfers are typically used for their ease and lower cost, ideal for regular transactions.

How do I get started with Cybrid?

Getting started with Cybrid is a streamlined and developer-friendly process. If you're ready to explore the possibilities with Cybrid, you can begin immediately in our sandbox environment. This sandbox offers a risk-free space for developers to experiment and familiarize themselves with our platform's capabilities, like offramp, ensuring a smooth integration with your existing systems.

Once you're comfortable and ready to move forward, the next step involves understanding our pricing structure and the specifics of our contract. For this, we recommend booking time with our experienced sales team. They will provide you with all the necessary information, tailor a plan that best suits your business needs, and guide you through the contracting process.

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