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Now supporting payments via Bitcoin Lightning

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You are almost there, just find an available date and time that works for your schedule then we'll send over a calendar invite. When the time comes, join the video call via the link provided in the calendar appointment.

During the call we can discuss your Flow of Funds (FoF) and provide more information related to Cybrid's platform services:

  • Integrated KYC & KYB services
  • Plaid & Raw Detail account connections
  • Money movement via ACH, Wire and RTP
  • USD & CAD For-Benefit-Of Accounts (FBO)
  • Account support for Individuals (B2C) and Business (B2B)
  • Onramp & Offramp to digital currencies (BTC & USDC)
  • Digital wallet with deposit and withdraw

If you need to reschedule or miss the meeting, just let our team know and we'll be happy to reschedule.