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Embedded Banking
as a Service (BaaS)

Our All-In-One Platform for Bank Account Connection, KYC Identity Onboarding, Multiple Payment Channels, Virtual Cash Accounts Management, and Robust Compliance & Fraud Protection - Redefining the Future of Embedded Banking Services.

persona kyc & plaid connect

KYC & Connect

Optimize your customer onboarding with our KYC & Connect service, ensuring secure, seamless bank account connections, and stringent identification verification.

ach payment

Money Transmission

Enjoy flexible, secure, and efficient money transmission with our multi-modal platform supporting ACH, RTP, Wire, and EFT.

virtual fbo account

Virtual Cash Accounts

Leverage our FBO Virtual Cash Accounts, supporting USD and CAD, to provide your customers with enhanced financial control and seamless fund management.

Cybrid is an end-to-end
Banking as a Service Provider

Experience the future of financial integration with our platform, designed to streamline your operations and enhance your customers' experience.

Ready to redefine your banking services? Join us and take the first step towards a seamless and secure financial future.

  • Account Connection
  • KYC Identity Onboarding
  • ACH, RTP, Wire, EFT
  • Virtual FBO Accounts (USD & CAD)
  • Regulatory Licenses & Reporting

Easily Embed Our
Banking-as-a-Service Platform

Access banking services through our platform, built on the OpenAPI 3.0 specification.

We offer API Clients and UI Component SDKs to bootstrap the development of your use case.

cybrid baas banking as a platform

Why Cybrid

Choose Cybrid for your embedded banking needs and experience a seamless blend of advanced technology, security, and financial expertise.

What types of payments can be made with the Cybrid's embedded banking platform?
Our platform supports various North American payment methods, including ACH, RTP, Wire, and EFT. This diversity allows both time payment and instant payments, catering to a variety of financial needs.
How does Cybrid's embedded banking service integrate with existing bank accounts?
Cybrid's service is designed to seamlessly connect with existing bank accounts. Our KYC & Connect services offer secure and streamlined bank account connections and rigorous identification verification, simplifying the onboarding process. Funds transferred to the platform are held in FBO accounts at a sponsoring bank.
What benefits does Cybrid's embedded finance offer compared to traditional banking services?
Cybrid's digital banking platform is designed for flexibility, speed, and security when developing new products. The access we provide to Real-time payments, global payments and instant access to new banking products help to optimize the banking value chain, potentially driving new revenue growth.
How does Cybrid's service ensure secure transactions and compliance with financial regulations?
We prioritize the security of your transactions and the integrity of your data. Our platform incorporates advanced compliance measures and fraud protection, aligning with financial services research recommendations and regulatory requirements of a Money Service Business (MSB).
How can Cybrid's Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform facilitate new revenue lines for my business?
Our BaaS platform offers an opportunity for new revenue lines by enabling you to provide a wider range of licensed banking services. It allows businesses to incorporate financial services into their offering, enhancing their product line and driving customer engagement.
What role does the RTP network play in the Cybrid platform?
The RTP (Real-Time Payments) network is integral to our platform and is accessed through our sponsor bank. It enables real-time payments, providing a swift and efficient service for sending and receiving payments. This supports a seamless financial experience, enhancing the value of our digital banking service.
Can the Cybrid platform handle global payments?
Yes, our platform supports global payments. Our robust payment rails in North America coupled with integrated on/offramps enables businesses to transact worldwide, driving their growth and expanding their reach.
Want to get started with our BaaS Solution?

Schedule time to meet with our team and to let's start to discuss your roadmap and expected flow of funds, as well as answer any questions you and your team have.