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PayBis or Transak:
which is best payment platform for you?

Both are focused on being a leading Web3 platform provider.

paybis or transak

Looking to connect to Web3 through an
on ramp & off ramp built for businesses?

If you're planning to incorporate a fiat-to-crypto gateway into your business in the United States, PayBis and Transak emerge as two promising choices, each with distinct capabilities to facilitate crypto transactions.

This article dives into a detailed comparison of PayBis and Transak, exploring their services, and dissecting the advantages and limitations they bring to your business. Our aim is to provide you with a nuanced perspective on both platforms, enabling you to choose a partner that aligns perfectly with your transactional requirements and business goals to ramp crypto.

About PayBis

PayBis is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers multiple payment options and swift transaction processing. PayBis caters to a global market with support for numerous fiat currencies, aiming to make the crypto purchasing process as accessible and straightforward as possible.

  • Variety of payment methods
  • Global support
  • Mobile SDK available
  • No FBO accounts
  • Basic on & offramp
  • Lacks a Web SDK
  • Requires KYC vendor

About Transak

Transak is a developer integration for a fiat onramp and crypto offramp gateway, simplifying the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies with bank transfers and cards. It aims to provide a buy or sell crypto experience for users and easy integration for developers and businesses.

  • Trusted brand (Market leader)
  • Global support
  • SDK Widget
  • Competes for retail users
  • Lacks Web SDK
  • High fees

How do PayBis and Transak compare?

Evaluating the attributes and capabilities of each cryptocurrency onramp and offramp provider.

How many countries do they operate in?

PayBis operates in 190 countries.

Transak operates in 155+ countries.

What payment methods are supported?

Payment methods are country dependent. PayBis does support ACH within the United States.

Do they have integration fees?

Both platforms have integration fees.

Do they offer APIs and SDKs?

PayBis and Transak offers a widget for integration.

Where are their headquarters?

PayBis is located in Glasgow, UK.

Transak is located in Montreal, QC.

Which fiat onramp is best for my business in the United States or Canada?

Choosing the ideal fiat gateway for your company involves careful consideration. Different platforms bring distinct advantages to the table, and while one might align perfectly with certain business models, it might fall short for others.

PayBis and Transak are both notable and have established a presence among many respected brands. Yet, the suitability of their services may differ across various business niches and countries you are looking to operate within.

For those seeking a plug-and-play widget solution, both PayBis and Transak can meet those needs. However, for businesses searching for a comprehensive API and SDK payment infrastructure provider, Cybrid stands ready to enhance your financial operations.

Get the best North American onramp and offramp experience with a single integration

Cybrid provides an end-to-end payment ecosystem tailored to your unique requirements. We deliver a suite of services including KYC verification, instant same-day ACH transactions on the same day, seamless bank transfers, and the convenience of FBO accounts for efficient funds management.

If your goal is to find a trustworthy and secure payment solution adept at navigating the complex landscape of crypto transactions, Cybrid is your answer. Contact us to explore how our support can elevate the payment experience for your customers and streamline your operations, conserving both time and effort.



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