Crypto for Financial Institutions

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and stablecoins are driving exciting new financial rails.

Even with the ups and downs of the market, it's not a question of if, but when Financial Institutions will put digital currency on their roadmap

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Some of banking's biggest crypto critics have now invested billions into Bitcoin, Ethereum & others projects, including billions into Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

  • Bank of New York Mellon Corp

  • Morgan Stanley

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Decentralized Finance

  It’s gotten to the point where everyone is at some point in the journey.  

If they’re not actively investing [in crypto], then they’re exploring it.  

Mike Demissie, Head of Digital Assets
Bank of New York Mellon Corp

Morgan Stanley announced a newly created cryptocurrency desk in March 2021

Morgan Stanley began rolling out bitcoin funds to its wealthiest clients as of March 2021.
Bitcoin investments are generally 2.5% of their total net worth.

Goldman Sachs unveiled a new cryptocurrency trading desk in May 2021

The public announcement of the successful trading of two types of bitcoin-linked derivatives is after years of active investment in the space. Their investments are into projects such as Circle (USDC), Coin Metrics, and Blockdaemon.

Over $90B of cryptocurrency is locked in applications offering financial type services

These applications, often run by decentralized organizations (DAOs), are offering financial services catering to those looking for basic borrowing & lending all the way to mortgages & supply chain finance. These applications offer both competition for your customer and opportunity for revenue.

Compliantly Onboard Customers

Cybrid offers Fintechs an out-of-the-box APIs and SDKs to onboard customers, which helps accelerate the onboarding of crypto users, including:
  • KYC and AML checks to compliantly onboard users
  • Enhanced due diligence with account appropriateness questionnaire
  • Enable connections to external bank accounts for funding
  • Move money between external accounts and cash accounnts to enable trading

Crypto Accounts and Wallets

Cybrid makes it easy to create Crypto wallets and accounts for your customers, including:
  • Customers accounts to hold over 40 different types of coins
  • Secure custody of cryptocurrency, including hot wallets and cold wallets via qualified custodian partners
  • Deposit and withdraw of Crypto
  • Full accounting and ledgering of all customer transactions
  • Transaction information for tax reporting

Crypto On / Off Ramp and Trading

Cybrid makes it easy to create Crypto wallets and accounts for your customers, which unlocks trading, including:
  • Access to trade over 40 different cryptocurrencies
  • Realtime price feeds and quoting
  • Rapid trading and fiat settlement
  • Best price execution across Cybrid's pool of liquidity providers
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USDC Accounts and Rails

One of the most exciting parts of blockchain and cryptocurrency is the introduction of stablecoins, which allows traditional fiat dollars to move at the speed of blockchain. Cybrid supports USDC, including:
  • USDC wallet accounts to hold and transact in USDC
  • USDC Remittance and payouts
  • Accepting USDC Payments

Access Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance offers new and exciting financial instruments that investors are interested in exploring. Cybrid opens up the DeFi market, including:
  • Interoperability with Cybrid wallets and decentralized finance applications
  • Full integration into Compound Finance
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Who will your customers go to for crypto?


To participate in crypto, people first need to acquire it. With Cybrid's software solution, enabling crypto exposure is as easy as embedding our ramping & trade solution.

We help Financial Institutions accelerate the transition to the DeFi economy


Cybrid supports compliance programs with built-in AML, ATF, and KYC features and secure custody so that you can focus on your customers.


Our predictable monthly subscription fee is dramatically cheaper than building your own crypto trade product, allowing you to build, launch, and grow faster.


Cybrid seamlessly integrates various services and vendors into one elegant, friendly package.


Launch a crypto product, fast.

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Need clarification?

What kind of fintech is this for?

Both small and large fintechs are exploring the growing cryptocurrency market. Cybrid software, with our regulated affiliate, can help seed stage startups all the way to challenger banks with over 1 million customers.

Is your solution easy to integrate?

Our software is uniquely composable, allowing a variety of embedding techniques which fit perfectly in your existing application architecture. We pride ourselves on best-in-class developer tooling to make embedding easy - jump into our Sandbox and experience why we're the premier Fintech API.

Is it safe to get into crypto?

Cryptocurrency has had its ups and downs, but there is now more regulation than ever. This helps to remove a lot of the ambiguity of working with crypto. Cybrid and it's affiliated regulatory partners can help make it safe to explore crypto as a part of your portfolio.

What countries do you support?

Cybrid primarily works with web2 and web3 fintechs located in Canada or the United States. We're always expanding our geographic support, so talk with our sales team to see if we can support you in a different part of the world.

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