Crypto Infrastructure for Business

Fintech software that facilitates onboarding, money movement, asset trade, crypto custody, and full account ledgering.


Cybrid brings it all together

Easy To Get Started

Jump into our sandbox to experience first hand how our software operates.

Seamlessly Integrate

Reduce build time by using our library of ready to use UI components.

Banking Connectivity

Basic cash accounts & bank account connect via native Plaid integration.

KYC AML & Connectivity

Software assists with compliance requirements & account connectivity.

Simple Trade Functionality

The Trade API endpoint provides fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat with full ledgering, and scalable structure.

Aggregate Market Makers

A smart router aggregates price feeds and orders from multiple market makers for best price.

Access Crypto Custodians

Assets in cold storage are held with a Qualified Custodian who maintains SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II.

Integrate to DeFi

Unlock the exciting possibilities of Decentralized Finance in a secure and travel rule compliant manner.

No integration fee.

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Get the most out of your crypto infrastructure

  • On / Off Ramp Crypto

  • Crypto Trade

  • Crypto Wallet

  • Crypto Custody

  • Full Account Ledgering

Fewer dropouts with our best-in-class verification process

To participate in crypto, people first need to acquire it. Before they can do that, a person's identification needs to be verified, their financial accounts need to be connected, and additional screening steps for KYC AML compliance requirements, depending on jurisdiction. Our software solution facilitates this multi-vendor process in a friendly-flow that minimizes drop-out rates.


Market-ready cryptocurrency trading software

Easily embeddable crypto software to buy & sell the most popular assets. Our cloud based infrastructure distills price feeds, orderbooks, quote windows, and other aspects from multiple market makers into simplified API end points.

For a developer, there is no easier way to integrate cryptocurrency into a project. Our code is in public GitHub repositories allowing our SDK components to be used as needed to build your crypto platform.

Infrastructure to support crypto wallets for business use cases. 

Our wallet feature is built on top of a robust and highly secure infrastructure that includes multiple layers of security, encrypted keys, biometric authentication, and secure backups. 

Enterprise-grade Wallet security includes:

  • SOC 2 Type II
  • ISO 27001, 27017, 27018

Our infrastructure supports the most popular coins & tokens across multiple networks.

Are you specifically interested in a USDC wallet solution for global payments and remittance? We can help you do that! Book some time to chat with our sales team to discuss further. 

We take crypto custody security seriously

For those looking for a crypto custody solution, partner with Cybrid Technology for safe and secure access to crypto custodians. We are a premier developer and provider of software solutions for financial institutions and regulated entities. With years of combined experience in blockchain technology, crypto trading, cybersecurity and finance, Cybrid offers an unparalleled level of expertise.

Integration with a custody solution provider that has SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II certification.


API-powered accounts for fiat & crypto

We create isolated sub-ledgered accounts that track all pending and posted fund movements as trades are requested, executed and settled. We rely on an immutable ledger database to ensure that transactions can never be destroyed or tampered with.


An API-powered platform for Fintech and Web3 businesses

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Onboarding Process Flow Chart (for your users) with Cybrid

STEP 1: Initialize Account

STEP 2: KYC Process

STEP 3: AML Due Diligence

STEP 4: Investor Fitness (If required)

STEP 5: Connect Funding

STEP 6: Start Trading

Infrastructure for your crypto needs