Fiat <> Crypto infrastructure

Easily embed crypto buy and sell functionality, and more, into your application. Generate revenue through traded volume.

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Fiat crypto on ramp off ramp infrastructure

Covering everything from account connection to the crypto wallet.

Consolidate vendors to save cost and time.

To participate in crypto, the top challenges are the need to acquire it, hold it, and use it. This requires stitching 12+ vendors together to offer basic functionality:

  • Account connection
  • KYC & AML compliance
  • General ledgering
  • Banking & money movement
  • Crypto liquidity
  • MPC wallet custody
  • Cold storage custody

All of this takes considerable investment of time and money. Bootstrap your company's development by embedding our infrastructure as a solution.

Simple Cybrid Platform


Identity made simple

We use best-in-class vendors to provide you with software that minimizes drop-out rates, detects fraud, and enables KYC & AML processes.



Trading made simple

Our software facilitates secure connectivity to users' financial accounts to fund their crypto trading with local fiat currencies (USD & CAD).



Revenue made simple

Our platform allows you to participate in trade fees on every executed trade by setting your trade spread.



Custody made simple

Our regulated affiliate will take care of the custody on behalf of the end user, ensuring crypto is safely stored.

KYC Onboarding Overview

KYC Process
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Unlock liquidity with best in-class aggregator

Our software distills multiple liquidity providers' price feeds, orderbooks, quote windows, and other aspects into simplified, enterprise-grade APIs that your engineers can build & rely on.

Bootstrap with Open Source UI components

Our code is available in public GitHub repositories allowing your engineers to use our SDK components, or use as necessary, to build the platform you need.

Developer Overview

Need clarification?

What is an on and off ramp?

The Cybrid on/off ramp infrastructure provides everything you need as a business to start operating with digital currencies.

All of the traditional operating requirements like identity to banking, as well as the crypto infrastructure like liquidity providers and wallets.

Our all-in-one solution can be integrated as required resulting in flexibility in your product design.

How does my company get started?

For engineering to start development, it's as simple as checking out the Software Developer Overview.

When you're ready to talk business, contact our Sales team to start!

What is the pricing?

Our pricing is simple:

  • $0 integration fee
  • Monthly SaaS fee based on users, with startup tiers available
  • KYC performed / user

Book time to chat with our Sales team to learn more!

What fiat currencies does your on ramp / off ramp support?

We have licenses and banking relationships for operating with USD and CAD.

Our on/off ramp network of  liquidity providers to the Cybrid platform do have other FIAT pairings available - contact our Sales team for more information.

What coins do you support?

We support Bitcoin, Ethereum and a variety of other cryptocurrencies we have approved through our liquidity providers.

Minimum buy orders are $0.01 - $1.00 which is dependent and set by the liquidity provider.

How does a coin get listed?

Cybrid Technology Inc. provides access to liquidity providers offering digital currencies and does not influence or control listings.

Regulated entities using Cybrid Technology Inc's software are responsible for independently performing due diligence and determining security status.

A full suite of tooling with technical support. It's why developers    Cybrid!

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