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What is a smart order router?

A smart order router is a sophisticated system used in electronic financial markets to automatically route trade orders to the best available trading venue based on specific criteria. It is designed to optimize order execution by considering various factors such as price, transaction costs, speed, and the likelihood of order fulfillment.

What is Smart Order Routing?

Smart Order Routing (SOR) is a process used in electronic trading that employs sophisticated algorithms to automatically route trade orders to the best available trading venue.

This technology is designed to optimize trade execution, taking into account various factors such as price, liquidity, transaction costs, and the speed of execution. SOR is particularly beneficial in fragmented markets where liquidity is dispersed across different exchanges and platforms.

By intelligently selecting where to execute trades, Smart Order Routing helps traders and institutions improve execution quality, reduce costs, and enhance overall trading efficiency.

How does a Smart Order Router work?

Smart Order Routing works by continuously scanning multiple markets and trading venues in real time to compare prices, liquidity, and other execution factors.

When a trade order is placed, the SOR system evaluates all available venues to determine the most favorable conditions for execution. This evaluation is based on pre-defined criteria, including the best available price, the depth of liquidity, transaction costs, and the likelihood of order fulfillment.

The router then automatically directs the order to the chosen venue. Throughout this process, the system dynamically adjusts to market conditions, ensuring that trades are executed efficiently and effectively. SOR systems are widely used by brokerage firms, institutional traders, and other market participants to ensure they are getting the best possible outcome for their trades.

What is Cybrid's Smart Order Router?

Cybrid's Smart Order Router is a cutting-edge tool in electronic trading that connects with multiple liquidity providers to manage settlements efficiently. This advanced system is designed to optimize trade execution by intelligently routing orders to the best available liquidity sources each day. It's a key component of our platform, ensuring fast, reliable, and cost-effective trading for our users.

What traditional currencies does the Smart Order Router support?

At Cybrid, our Smart Order Router is designed to efficiently handle onramp and offramp transactions for traditional currencies, specifically focusing on the US Dollar (USD) and the Canadian Dollar (CAD). 

By supporting both USD and CAD, we cater to a broad user base, facilitating smooth and efficient transactions for businesses operating in or with these two major currencies. Convert digital assets into traditional currencies for withdrawal or purchase cryptocurrencies using USD or CAD, our Smart Order Router ensures a streamlined and effective process.

What assets does the Smart Order Router support?

Cybrid's Smart Order Router is designed with the versatility to work with a wide array of digital currencies. However, the actual support for specific cryptocurrencies is determined by the jurisdiction of the end user. Due to various regulatory frameworks across different regions, a majority of our use cases currently support primarily Bitcoin (BTC) and USD Coin (USDC).

These two cryptocurrencies are not only among the most widely recognized and utilized digital assets globally, but they also serve as excellent options for a range of global payment use cases. While our system has the capability to handle various digital currencies, our focus on BTC and USDC ensures that we can offer robust and compliant solutions to most of our users, irrespective of their location.

What are the benefits of using a Smart Order Router?

Access to Multiple Liquidity Providers: Our Smart Order Router connects you with a wide range of liquidity providers. This diversity in sources ensures that you can execute trades under the most favorable conditions available in the market, regardless of your individual trading volume.

No Daily or Account-Based Minimums: One of the standout features of our Smart Order Router is the elimination of daily and account-based minimums. This means that traders of all sizes can benefit from our system, giving them the flexibility to trade according to their strategy without worrying about meeting minimum trade quotas or maintaining a certain account balance.

Better Spreads Through Economy of Scale Pricing: Thanks to our ability to aggregate trades and negotiate with multiple providers, our clients benefit from better spreads. This economy of scale pricing ensures that our users get competitive rates, reducing their trading costs and enhancing potential profitability.

Overall, our Smart Order Router is designed to democratize the trading process, giving traders from all backgrounds the tools they need to execute trades efficiently and cost-effectively.

How do you fund the Smart Order Router?

Funding the Smart Order Router on Cybrid’s platform is straightforward and secure, thanks to our use of For Benefit Of (FBO) virtual accounts. Users can fund these accounts through ACH transfers and wire transfers. The FBO structure is a key aspect of our system, ensuring that operational accounts of Cybrid and user funds are kept separate for enhanced security and transparency. This separation is critical for maintaining trust and integrity in our operations.

The funds deposited in FBO accounts are held at our sponsor banks located in both the United States and Canada, providing a robust and reliable financial foundation for our users’ transactions. This setup not only facilitates easy funding of the Smart Order Router but also assures users of the safety and proper management of their funds.

How to get started the Cybrid Smart Order Router

Using the Smart Order Router is as simple as placing quotes and executing trades with Cybrid. Utilizing our APIs and SDKs is a straightforward process designed for developers to seamlessly blend traditional finance with blockchain technology. It begins with accessing Cybrid's sandbox environment, which is available for free. This sandbox provides a risk-free, fully-featured platform for developers to test and explore the functionalities of Cybrid's digital wallets and other financial services. The sandbox environment is ideal for understanding how digital wallets operate within Cybrid's ecosystem and for experimenting with integrations before deploying them in a live environment.

Once a developer is ready to move beyond the sandbox, each user who undergoes and completes the Know Your Customer (KYC) process is provided with individualized For Benefit Of (FBO) virtual accounts and digital wallets. This setup ensures a personalized and secure financial experience for each user, linking their identity to their transactions for safety and regulatory compliance.

Once you're ready, our sales team will guide you through the pricing structure and contracting process, ensuring a solution tailored to your specific needs. Our team is committed to providing support every step of the way, from initial exploration to full implementation.

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