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The talented team of engineering, cybersecurity, and finance experts who are solving the compliance and technology complexity of offering Embedded Finance solutions.

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avinash head

Avinash Chidambaram
Founder, CEO

Avinash has over 25 years of experience building and launching fintech products used by hundreds of millions of users globally.
Prior to Cybrid, Avinash founded Ario, an embedded SMB lending platform that developed novel AI based underwriting solutions to quickly offer loans and extend hundreds of millions of dollars of credit to SMB customers.

Avinash was a senior leader at Interac where he built the Interac Token Platform and launched Apple Pay into the Canadian market and managed the growth of Etransfer a P2P payments service to over 100B in payment volume.

He also lead the identity and payments service globally at Blackberry, used by over 130M users.

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brent head

Brent Carrara
Founder, CTO

With a Ph.D. in secure communications and a Master’s in biometrics and cryptography, Brent is responsible for leading our technology team. With over 20 years of experience designing, building and deploying secure distributed applications - he's the perfect person for the job.
At Thinking Capital, Brent embedded a SMB lending platform that developed novel AI based underwriting solutions to quickly offer loans and extend hundreds of millions of dollars of credit to SMB customers. He was responsible for the initial conception, design and deployment of Cash Flow Advisor (now Driven Insights).
Prior to Thinking Capital, Brent was the Head of Security at Ario, an online digital platform for SMBs that offered innovative financing to small businesses. His responsibilities included conception, design and implementation of Ario's know-your-customer (KYC) program.

michael head

Michael Carrara
Founder, Engineer

Michael Carrara is an experienced engineer and founder at Cybrid, where he brings a wealth of technical expertise to the table. During his time at BRD, he served as a Principal Engineer, leading the technical direction of Blockset, a blockchain-as-a-service data platform. Michael's ability to design technical solutions that accounted for the scale and complexities of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum was key to the success of Blockset.

At Cybrid, Michael continues to leverage his technical expertise and experience to develop innovative products and services in the cryptocurrency space. His ability to design and develop cryptocurrency ETL pipelines, transaction notification services, and user authentication and management services has been instrumental in driving Cybrid's technological success.

lee head

Lee Cocking
Head of Product

Lee Cocking is our highly experienced Head of Product at Cybrid, with expertise in enterprise cybersecurity and the application of blockchain technology. Lee's experience in the field of cybersecurity is extensive, having spent a significant portion of his career working on enterprise and government security solutions in mobility, application development and blockchain-based solutions to address some of the most pressing cybersecurity challenges of our time.

In his current role at Cybrid, Lee has led product development of the company's SaaS platform, leveraging his deep knowledge of blockchain technology and cybersecurity to build innovative solutions that are both secure and scalable. His ability to understand the unique challenges and opportunities at the intersection of blockchain, secure systems, SaaS and embedded technology has been instrumental in driving the success of the company's product offerings.

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ali head

Ali Irshad
Founder, Sales & Partnerships

Ali heads up our Sales & Partnerships. He is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency space, particularly in building scalable teams for operational success.

Prior to his current role at Cybrid, he served as the Vice President of Global Sales at Coinsquare, Canada's first cryptocurrency exchange. In his position, Ali helped to build and grow their OTC desk which provided him with a deep understanding of the needs for a range of customers.

Ali joined the founding team as his experience aligned with the vision that Avinash and Brent had for building our platform, which is providing the easiest way for companies to operate with digital currencies in a compliant manner.

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eric head

Eric Richards
Marketing & Crypto Expert

dustin head

Dustin Cocking
Front-end Developer, Web

erick head

Erick Sanchez
Front-end Developer, Mobile

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