Avinash Chidambaram is the founder and CEO of Cybrid

Blockchain based solutions are rewiring financial services from payments to
lending and the Cybrid platform makes it possible for FinTechs and banks
launch crypto and DeFi based financial products to their customers with
security and compliance built in.



Experienced leadership 

Avinash has over 25 years of experience building and launching fintech products used by hundreds of millions of users globally.
Prior to Cybrid, Avinash founded Ario, an embedded SMB lending platform that developed novel AI based underwriting solutions to quickly offer loans and extend hundreds of millions of dollars of credit to SMB customers.
Avinash was a senior leader at Interac where he built the Interac Token Platform and launched Apple Pay into the Canadian market and managed the growth of Etransfer a P2P payments service to over 100B in payment volume.
Avinash also lead the identity and payments service globally at Blackberry, used by over 130M users.
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