Testing with Hosted Web Demo App

In this guide, we'll take a look at a simplified approach to testing with our Web Demo App, using Cybrid's hosted version. Using our version removes the need to clone the repo and run the components on your local machine. If you're looking to test locally, following the instructions in Locally Running the Web Demo App.

In order to run the web demo app, you will need a sandbox bank created, with functionality customers and trading accounts. If you haven't configured this, run through the Getting Starting in the Cybrid Sandbox guide to create your sandbox bank, and then Getting Ready for Trading to configure customers, accounts and ensure simulated trading is functional.

Using the hosted Web Demo App requires only two steps:

1. Run an instance of Chrome with CORS disabled.

In order to run the demo web SDK, you’ll need to disable CORS (cross-site scripting security), as the demo app is hosted in a different domain (Github). The easiest way to do this is to run a new instance of Chrome with security disabled. This can be completed by running the following command (on Mac OS):

2. Launch the app and enter credentials

In your CORS disabled instance of Chrome, head over to https://cybrid-app.github.io/cybrid-sdk-web/. You should see the following UI:

Be sure to have the following information handy for your bank:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Customer Guid to test with

The Cybrid Web Demo App authenticates to your Sandbox Bank, and connects under the context of a specific customer, which is why we'll provide it with a specific Customer GUID.

If you don't have these details handy, you can retrieve the Client ID from the Bank page in the Cybrid Partner Portal. Similarly, you can navigate to Customers, select your test customer, and click the copy icon beside their guid. Unfortunately if you've lost your Client Secret there is no way to retrieve it, so you'll need to navigate to the API Keys in the Partner Portal and click Generate New Key to obtain new credentials.

With the demo app running successfully, you can test out the following:

  • Viewing real-time prices of crypto assets
  • Viewing the account list of the customer
  • Buying or selling cryptocurrency (simulated)
  • Viewing the transaction history of a specific account

3. What's Next?

Congrats! You're successfully running the hosted Cybrid Web Demo App.

If you're interested in running this locally and looking at the code, follow Locally Running the Web Demo App. Or you may be interested in running one of the Client API demo apps, which are currently available for Python, Ruby and Typescript.

You can also start investigating all of our code in the Cybrid Github repository.

Happy Testing!