Crypto led growth with simple integration

Find out how Cybrid is the best crypto platform to meet growing customer demand for innovative solutions to power your next-gen products.

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Crypto Trade

A market-ready cryptocurrency exchange app for Bitcoin, Ethereum and 40+ others

A fully customizable, liquidity-ready solution, providing the building blocks to jumpstart your own crypto exchange business. Greatly reducing technical development complexity, time & costs.

Ready-to-go white label UI components

All of our code is in public GitHub repositories allowing your engineers to use all of our SDK components, or copy and paste as necessary, to build your crypto exchange.

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Crypto On and Off-ramps

Let your users buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency

Easily integrate basic crypto buy & sell into your product. We distill price feeds, order books, quote windows, and other technical aspects into simplified APIs.

Crypto accounting made simple

Working with Cybrid is as easy as fiat-in and fiat-out. We safely store the assets in secure custody, and maintain a full chart of accounts, fetching associated ledger details on demand.

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Crypto Rewards

Exchange your points into top cryptocurrencies

Allow your customers to exchange your brand's points into top cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cybrid has drop-in widgets that eases this technical burden with minimal code.

Experience improved user acquisition, engagement and retention

Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies are attractive incentives to today's and tomorrow's Millennial and Gen-Z customers. Capitalize on the growing market shift towards crypto to build your brand.

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Crypto Savings Account

Access the best, blue chip DeFi opportunities to grow a crypto balance

Cybrid has direct integrations into market leading applications, such as Aave and Compound, to provide some of the safest and highest yield opportunities available in the crypto market.

Everything is on-chain for transparency

True to DeFi's mission, Cybrid doesn't introduce humans between your capital and on-chain savings protocols.

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USDC Treasury Account

Use the USDC stable coin to power your business treasury

Avoid the volatility of cryptocurrency, while benefiting from DeFi yield, by depositing the USDC stable coin into low-risk, blue chip opportunities like Aave and Compound.

Using the best on-chain DeFi applications

Transparency, risk mitigation, and mutual accountability are paramount. Avoid counterparty risk through audited smart contracts, mature governance, and over-collateralization inherent in these protocols.

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