Easily add crypto and DeFi to your business

Cybrid's Web3 platform enables a number of use cases across different fintech industries, from basic consumer trade to business-focused crypto treasury.

Fintechs & Challenger Banks

Drive revenue through basic crypto trading

With Cybrid's Crypto Exchange App, you can easily generate trading fees, for every buy and sell on over 40+ cryptocurrencies.

Enable crypto-based savings accounts

Crypto Savings Accounts provide an alternative to traditional accounts, often with higher yields. Give your end-customers a better savings vehicle while harvesting fees on every coin earned.

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Web3 & Wallet Companies

Enable a Crypto On and Off-ramp

Increase revenue by garnering fees whenever users buy and sell using the Crypto On and Off-ramps.

Add advanced DeFi features

Crypto Savings Accounts allow for more advanced functionality like DeFi yield and native proof of stake (for certain coins), just a couple more ways to generate revenue.

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Rewards Companies

Turn traditional points into exciting crypto coins

Cybrid's Crypto Rewards easily enables your reward company to turn everyday points into exciting coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and more.

Avoid dormant points, retain active customers

Dormant points means a disengaged customer. As an alternative to traditional rewards, offer an exciting conversion to the most popular cryptocurrencies.

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Treasury Companies

Use the USDC stable coin to power your business treasury

Avoid the volatility of cryptocurrency, while benefiting from DeFi yield, by depositing into Cybrid's USDC Treasury for low-risk, blue chip opportunities like Aave and Compound.

Using on-chain DeFi applications

Transparency, risk mitigation, and mutual accountability are paramount principles of DeFi, which is why Cybrid only operates with the best on-chain protocols. Avoid counterparty risk through audited smart contracts, mature governance, and over-collateralization inherent in these protocols.

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