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RESTful API & white label UI SDK components to jumpstart your crypto app development.

Cybrid Developer APIs and SDKs


Enterprise-grade crypto, for developers.

Our cloud-based platform and UI SDK components enable you to launch a product within weeks. Our well documented technology and integration process allows you to focus on the project at hand, minimizing the usual roadblocks you might associate with cryptocurrency software development. We offer the best crypto API and developer experience!

API Documentation

We've made cryptocurrency for developers simple and easy, starting with documentation.

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Sandbox Dev Environment

Build your custom cryptocurrency development ideas - get API keys for free.

Sandbox Access

Getting Started Guide

Tutorials aimed to ease your integration, like how-to get started using our crypto trade API.

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Looking for white label crypto software?

Crypto software development can be timely and costly, which is why we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Our multi-platform components allow for rapid prototyping and product release.

Whether you're looking for embedded crypto widgets or a white label crypto exchange platform, we offer the best white label crypto solutions!

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Low-code Components

Cross platform UI components covering everything from prices, account listing and quote / trade execution. Provide consistent functionality and familiar interfaces across all major platforms.


Built as web components
Angular Material based design
Chromium Support

Web SDK on GitHub

Android SDK

AndroidX Components
Google Material based design 
Compose Support

Android SDK on GitHub


Swift Package Manager
iOS 13+

iOS SDK on GitHub

Our API clients are auto-generated and tested based on our Open API 3.0 specifications.

The clients are available in multiple languages including: Angular, Java, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Swift and Typescript.

Visit the Cybrid GitHub repository for API client information.

Testing & Publishing

Our crypto platform offers the code stability, scalability, and security you'd expect from an enterprise-grade API and UI SDK components.

  • 100% code coverage
  • Unit and full end-to-end testing
  • Public Github repositories
  • Release versioning and publishing
  • Updates to all dependencies
  • All known vulnerabilities patched


Don't start your cryptocurrency software development from scratch. Take advantage of platform functionality designed to make your life easier!

  • Localization Support (web)
  • Runtime Light / dark theming
  • Asset handling with large integer support
  • Subscribes for event & error handling
  • Well defined error responses

Frequently Asked Questions

Cybrid wants to help with your crypto app development project.

What kind of API’s do you have?

We offer a RESTful API with clearly defined OpenAPI 3.0 specs. We generate API clients in a multiple languages. Please check documentation for more information.

Do you track end-user account balances?

Yes, we offer a full chart of accounts for all end-user transactions, keeping detailed records at the per coin per user level.

What SDK components do you have?

We build code and UI level components for iOS, Android, and Web, resulting in white label crypto solutions. No extra cost associated, our components are free to use!

How are your white label wallets secured?

Our infrastructure is backed by a multi-key wallet architecture, with independently sharded and distributed keys. Encrypted backups are created.

Is there a sandbox environment?

Yes, we have a full sandbox environment that allows you to integrate and test our platform in a simulated mode. Once you're ready to go live we can promote you to production.

Where do your asset prices come from?

We have a price oracle that selects the best possible price from a number of large scale liquidity providers that the top crypto developers utilize.