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Circle Internet Financial:
Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP)


This protocol is engineered to streamline the movement of USDC, maintaining its 1:1 peg to the US dollar while transitioning between different ledgers. The innovation lies in its ability to minimize friction, reduce transaction costs, and eliminate the complexity typically associated with cross-chain communications. By leveraging CCTP, users and developers can enjoy the freedom of a stablecoin that is both blockchain-agnostic and capable of retaining value integrity across platforms.

In essence, CCTP is not just a bridge; it's a superhighway for stablecoin transfers, empowering the DeFi ecosystem, enhancing liquidity, and ensuring the scalability necessary for the burgeoning demands of digital finance.



How It Works

1. Initiation of Transfer on Source Chain

A user begins by initiating a transfer through an application to move USDC from one blockchain (the source chain) to another (the destination chain). During this process, the user specifies the recipient's wallet address on the destination chain. The application then facilitates the burning (or locking) of the specified amount of USDC on the source chain, effectively taking it out of circulation on that chain.

2. Attestation by Circle

Once the burn event has occurred, Circle’s infrastructure monitors and verifies this event on the source chain. The application interacts with Circle to fetch a signed attestation, which serves as a verifiable authorization that the burn has taken place. This attestation is crucial as it provides the necessary proof to mint the equivalent amount of USDC on the destination chain.

3. Completion of Transfer on Destination Chain

With the attestation from Circle, the application then triggers a minting process on the destination chain. This process creates the specified amount of USDC on the destination chain in accordance with the attestation. The newly minted USDC is then sent to the recipient's wallet address provided at the start of the process.

By following these steps, CCTP ensures that the total supply of USDC remains constant, preserving its stablecoin characteristic, while providing users with a seamless experience of transferring value across diverse blockchain environments.

Getting Started with USDC

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